Monday, November 17, 2008

Lazy Linky Week Continues

This is really interesting. Especially as it appears to have been written around 2002ish.

Also, the other phony maverick.


ChrisEldin said...

I used to use

The article about Soviet economy is interesting. Had a peek at one of the 'tractor novels' produced during Stalin's time. Amazing what can be justified with enough big words.

(and I'll bet you were worried I'd come back here with more explicatives. hehehehe)

Scott from Oregon said...

blogless troll said...

Another great link, Scott. Max Keiser is hilarious.

Robin S. said...

But what the Kondratieff wave is about is a study of long cycles of debt buildup and repudiation.

I think this is the core point - at least it seems so to me. And I think this is a cycle in/of crowds of humans, a part of the crowd psychology of human nature.

Good stuff, BT.

It also, oddly enough, is a comfort to look at this in the context of history.