Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Original Digital Goddess' Lesser Half

I couldn't get the babe with the bow on her head to work, so here's her bland hubby instead. I had a great joystick joke too. What a waste.


pjd said...

I'm tryin, but I can't get these to work. Are there keyboard controls? (This one gives me "no widget found" when I try to start the game.)

Hello? Tech support? Why do you sound like you're in Bangalore?

blogless_troll said...

Yeah, you use the arrow keys. Have no idea why you get "no widget found" but I called tech support and they said it was user error. You might have to update your Flash player, but I dunno.

Sarah said...

I tried to play, but the page kept moving with my arrow key commands. Lost the screen a lot and had trouble changing directions quickly. This is good, though. I don't need another time waster in my life today!