Friday, March 14, 2008


I was trolling for March Madness widgets when I happened upon the mother lode of classic arcade games. I dumped more allowance into Burger Time than any other game except Ms. Pac-Man (she’ll be here next Friday). Feel free to post your scores, though we probably won’t believe you. And watch out for the wieners.


ChristineEldin said...

This is exactly why I never want to have an IQ test. I can only move my left and right arrows. When I move the up and down, the screen scrolls.
I want to build that wieny burger!

Anonymous said...

I could get it to work fine on my work computer, but the little dude won't move at all on my home computer. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Okay, got it now. If it's not working you need to update your Flash Player here.


Ello said...

I can't figure out how to play this! I vaguely remember this game but I was more a Pacman and Digdug fiend!

OK - it's Sunday - I thought you would have some tips!!!